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Rafting Samoens, Sixt Fer A Cheval en Haute Savoie
Welcome to our website! 

Don't just stay there! 

Come and discover the Giffre river on our boats! Find us at Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval (74740), and try out a new adventure...  
On your own, two of you, the whole family, in a group! 

Sport? Leisure? A stroll? Extreme sports? 

Tell us what you’re looking for, and David and the team will advise you! 
In a raft, cano-raft, airboat or mini-raft: there’s something for all tastes! 
Our guides are professional, and passionate about white water. They are ready to help you discover every eddy of our river, from Sixt to Samoëns, and through the Gorges des Tines! 
The Gorges... A picturesque spot in our beautiful region! You can only fully experience it from a boat...  
Come and discover your talents on white water, safely and accompanied by our guides throughout your trip down the river! 
With a paddle in your hand, discover this corner of the world the old fashioned way: see the mountain from the water... 
Only 1 h 15 mins from Annecy and from Geneva, 50 mins from Flaine and Gets, 40 mins from Cluses and Carroz d'Arâches, 15 mins from Morillon: we are ready and waiting for you!
Our largest boats! 
Up to 8 people with our guide who will steer the boat while you take on the role of the engine – paddling!  
Every trip is adapted to the crew's needs! A lot of exercise or just a relaxing ride... This has to be something for you!
Our smallest boats are here for you to enjoy! If you’re the sporty kind and want to test yourself against the rapids of the Giffre river, this is the boat for you! In a boat on your own, dealing with steering and driving the boat forward, you can't rely on anybody else around you! Once you get started, you won't want to stop! Our guide will be close behind, meaning you can enjoy your time on the river!
Want to become the guide? This is the perfect opportunity! The raft's little brother will take a group of 4 so that you can test out your manoeuvres on the river!  
One of you will be in charge of steering while the others will take on the role of the engine!  
For the most adventurous kinds!
Fancy a challenge for two?  
A physical activity where the big challenge will be coordinating with your partner to steer the boat and not falling into the water! 
Recommended for active people!
There is nothing like a trip down the canyon to “refresh your ideas!”  
With the guide, head off to conquer the wildest parts of our mountain.  
This time, your trip down will be vertical: jumps, rappelling, sliding and more!  
Our canyons allow you to try out all the canyoning techniques whilst staying at initiation level. Various routes, different levels, there is something for everyone! 
Our canyons are the perfect place to try out all canyoning techniques while still good for beginners. Different routes, different levels of difficulty, there is something for everyone!
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Address for the base !  
Mairie chef lieu  
74740 Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval  
(Behind the town hall in Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval)  
Tél : +33 6 42 52 00 38

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